Pascal is hyperactive. He constantly has lots of ideas and projects; he manages to speak at a speed of 17 words per second. He is a social sportsman: marathon runner, long distance swimmer and professional beer-downer. Pascal loves to sing and thinks he is the reincarnation of Johnny Hallyday (even if Johnny is still alive..).


Nick is half Irish and half Mauritian; a powerful combo. He is an extremely social fellow who has 2 Facebook accounts as Facebook does not allow more that 5,000 friends. Nick lights up everybody's life! Has a sporting background and currently holds the yellow jersey at Le Bar & Vous. His motto: One Guinness a day, keeps the doctor away!


Luana is a particularly cool and relaxed young lady despite not being Jamaican. She enjoys running with her dog and likes to play football with her friends. Luana is a striker, she always wants to achieve all her goals. She also has a great appetite, both for work and for lunch. Luana is a living smiley, she never says no.


Valentine is the young, charming, fun, happy-go-lucky part of the company. She laughs at everything, especially of herself and her own jokes. She is the godchild of Pascal, that explains everything! She loves dancing and has a talent for inventing her own expressions. Valentine hates getting bored and she does not eat lentils & poisson salé: shame on her!